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Why You Need One

Proudly made in the USA, QuickCover buildings provide numerous advantages over conventional buildings. Their speed of construction and relatively low cost allows you to save money up front and rapidly accelerate your ROI. Natural ventilation and lighting saves cost and provides an advantageous environment for work and storage. QuickCover buildings are also often exempt from property taxes.
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Our Buildings


QuickCover Buildings can be installed on a variety of foundations, including concrete, block, wood-posts, and more


You can customize your building in various ways including eaves, doors, curtains, colors and trim, and foundations. You can also print your logo on the side of your building!


Our trusses are hot-dip galvanized steel to ensure your building could last for generations. The trusses are set 12 feet apart and designed for stability and strength.

Building Profiles

We have a number of different profiles available. Building profile pictures coming soon.


We offer Standard and Elite material covers that come warrantied for 15-20 years. While covers eventually need to be serviced and/or replaced, all our covers are made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum strength and life. Available colors include solid white, solid tan, solid gray, solid blue, solid green, solid red, and white with colored ends (trim).

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